Ulster County understands that the arts are a potent force in our economic life and play a key role as a direct and indirect contributor to our economy.

Ulster County’s music, theater, dance and visual arts enjoy national reputations. We have the largest concentration of artists per capita in the state outside of New York City. And in 2007, BusinessWeek listed Kingston as one of the Top Ten Best Cities for Artists.

Having a vibrant arts community is just as important to us as having sound roads. Ulster’s not-for-profit and for-profit creative enterprises are in and of themselves thriving businesses. A study issued in 2007 by Americans for the Arts show that the not-for-profit arts sector in Ulster County generated nearly $4 million in economic activity.


The arts are well-integrated with other sectors of our business economy:

  • Enabling businesses to thrive by providing a vibrant place for employees to enjoy after work
  • Attracting tourists who spend significantly on facilities such as restaurants and hotels
  • Enhancing property values and maintaining vitality in downtown areas
  • Employing local residents


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Ulster County in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley is alive with fall colors, just 2 hours north of Manhattan. The historic home to artists, apples, and advanced technology, Ulster has abundant skilled workers, affordable locations, a friendly business environment, and a cultured way of life!